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About Us

Founded in 2011 fillyourbasket has gone from strength to strength to achieve were we are today.

Fillyourbasket.co.uk started operating in Blaydon then moved the operation to Stocksfield where is Cindy is from.

In 2012, fillyourbasket was so busy and employed our first member of staff in 2012. (Today we have a little fleet of great workers)

In April 2013, fillyourbasket.co.uk decided to changed its company status to a Limited company but still trade as fillyourbasket.co.uk , then we decided to Trademark the fillyourbasket brand and logo 

For our first time application to the Tynedale Business Awards, we were shortlisted (with 2 other finalists) for a local business award (Services provider category)

April 2014, we have opened our first Franchise in Newcastle upon Tyne (see details

During 2015, We would like to open more Franchise within the North East region, see our franchise details (see details)

Today have more than 200 happy and returning customers.


We are passionate about what we do

We love ironing / cleaning and provide excellent quality service to our clients. We understand your needs and work closely with you. As Cindy always says: We are here for you, not you for me !!!

Fillyourbasket want families to spend more quality time together instead of spending hours on housework


Both Cindy, the employees and the Franchisees understand that family life is very important and wants to ensure that our customers are making the most of their spare time ( YOUR SPARE TIME IS A LUXURY, WHICH WE ARE SURE YOU WANT TO MAKE THE MOST OF)

Our Team

Our ironers and cleaners are fully trained to our high quality standard and monitored on a regular basis

The business is fully insured

Our team is conscientious, flexible and professionally trained who are passionate about the service fillyourbasket deliver


Wherever you are, our ironing / cleaning standard will be applied


Why should you use us?


The demands placed upon us with busy work and leisure schedule are now even greater than ever


Your spare time is a luxury which we are sure you want to make the most of


A small family can create between 2 to 5 hours ironing every week and at least an afternoon of cleaning – Time we are sure you would prefer to spend enjoying your life instead of doing your housework


Our service is convenient and friendly, We collect it – We iron it – We return it within 24hrs

All you need to remember is:

Fill your basket and we do the rest