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October 2011


By GEMMA BROWN gsomerville@cngroup.co.uk

Published at 09:05, Monday, 03 October 2011

A BRAND new Tyne Valley business is proposing to take the creases out of family life.

Full steam: D.G  and Cindy Jonas are offering door to door ironing services with their new business Fill Your Basket.

For professional homemakers Cindy Jonas and D.G  are offering to ease the burden of one of the most dreaded household chores – the ironing.

The duo launched door to door ironing service Fill Your Basket in July after they met during an induction to become customer advisors for a North-East insurance broker.

Although they instantly hit it off and have since become firm friends, Belgium-born Cindy, who now lives in Stocksfield and D.G., from Blaydon, both realised they would much rather be their own bosses.

With a wealth of experience in business management from a career which saw her running businesses for other people back in Belgium, Cindy had always longed to run her own operation.

For D.G., more than 20 years spent in customer services roles left her perfectly placed to identify a gap in the market.

And the pair dreamt up an enterprise which plays to both of their strengths.

D. G. (35) said: “We both sat down and thought about what it is we were good at and realised a lot of our time – like many people – is spent doing housework and running a home.

“From speaking to people and doing our own market research we found out that it wasn’t unusual for people with families to spend hours on end at the weekends tackling a huge pile of ironing.”

After deciding on the type of service they would offer, the friends came up with a unique selling point, which also provided them with their memorable business name.

Cindy (33) explained: “We looked around to see what other similar businesses were offering and found that a lot of customers were being put off because they were being charged by weight or per item.

“We decided we had to introduce a fixed price strategy, and that’s where the idea of the baskets came in.”

Attractive wicker baskets with capacities of 45 and 66 litres were introduced and are collected and delivered back to the customer’s door as part of the service.

For more information visit www.fillyourbasket.co.uk

Tynedale Business Award 2012

For our first and only attempt, we we shortlisted

Hexham Courant Business Review 2013