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Tynedale - South Northumberland
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Tynedale - South Northumberland


About Cindy Jonas – Managing Director of fillyourbasket Ltd and fillyourbasket Franchise Ltd



Cindy's successful career began as a Sales / Office Manager for a construction company, then in 2001 she had the opportunity to manage an international outlet in Holland; and in 2011 she become the owner and founder of fillyourbasket.co.uk


How did fillyourbasket come along? Following feedback from friends, colleagues and other busy people.

Prior to fillyourbasket, while working full-time, every Monday morning most colleagues were explaining their weekend and all I could hear was; well I had to clean the house or OMG I have wasted my Sunday afternoon ironing or I couldn't take the kids to the park because I had too much house work,…I was surprised by hearing that I wasn’t the only one working full-time AND looking after the children AND making sure that the house was clean AND that the family had some ironed clothes for the following week; and most of these tasks were done over my time off 


Then after long reflection (NOT), I thought lets get all of these families the help they need and this was the birth of fillyourbasket.co.uk
Founded in 2011 fillyourbasket went from strength to strength to achieve were we are today.
I believe that My customers ARE my business !!!




Founded in 2011 fillyourbasket went from strength to strength to achieve where we are today. We went LTD in 2013 and for our first time application we were shortlisted for a local business award (Services provider category) and now have more than 150 happy and returning customers, and in March 2014 we have our first franchise opened within the North-east.


So a BIG thank you guys


You can contact us via email: info@fillyourbasket.co.uk  or by phone: 07717 805109  or  07850 216045 

Please feel free to view our press release (click here)